List of classes I’ve designed in the past. Special thanks to all the friends that helped me in their design and the folk at the Paizo forums and all their help as well!

Base Classes:

Aetherim – Warrior that attunes himself to the elements, able to create devastating elemental effects. (Coming soon)

Berserker – An expert warrior capable of handling large weapons, the more damage he takes the more he can dish out. (By: Cameron “Red Devil” Dumont)

Berzerker – A hybrid class between the barbarian and monk, gains additional attacks when he goes into berzerker rage. (Coming soon)

Chemist – Warrior specialized in alchemical weaponry.

Crusader – Knight guided by the spirit of an ancient warrior.

Mageknight – This warrior can create his arms and armor out of pure arcane energy. (Coming soon)

Philosopher – An alchemist with access to 9th level formula. (Coming soon)

Signum – Ecclesiastic knight that uses various runes and glyphs to hurt and confound his enemies. (Coming soon)

Technician – He is able to activate various fighting techniques as combat progresses. (Coming soon)

Templar – An arcane paladin.

Theurgist – A mighty spellcaster with access to both arcane and divine spells. (Coming soon)

Theurknight – Master of the sword, arcane and divine magic. (Coming soon)

Umbra – Warrior able to create weapons out of his own shadow.

Vindicator – A mighty knight that fights sacrificing his own health to create areas of dark energy.

Zauberer – A spontaneous casting magus.

Zephyrus – A knight who jumps through the battlefield to inflict grievous wounds to his enemies.

Prestige Classes:

The Spell Slayer – He is the mage bane, the warrior that specializes in hunting spellcasters. (Coming soon)

The Telekinetic Knight – He is able to wield weapons with his mind alone. (Coming soon)

The Thingomancer – Able to conjure up various things from his thingamajig!


Occult Scholar (Witch) – A witch that trades his familiar for a spellbook that can eat other spellbooks or witch familiars.

Warmage (Sorcerer Bloodline) – A sorcerer that can spend spells to increase his battle prowess.

Old Stuff:

Mystic Knight – Second class I designed, loosely based on Final Fantasy’s Red Mage, will be updated to the Theurknight base class.

Shadow Knight – First class I ever designed, was updated to the Umbra base class.


The Binder – A base class from the 3.5, Tome of Magic.

Hexblade – A base class from the 3e, Complete Warrior.

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