Capaing Setting: Mirror Mirror

This is a setting I’ve used in a lot of my games. It has evolved and changed throughout the years into something I’m actually proud of.

Mirror Mirror is a setting composed of two similar worlds, one is the reflection of the other. One a very structured world ruled by a great church headed by humans, where elves travel in caravans from town to town selling wares and entertainment, second only to the gnomes who believe they are the greatest merchants, a world where dwarves rule their own way by monopolizing all the banks and where halflings are second class citizens, a world were pure blooded orcs are almost a myth; and the other world, a war torn and radioactive wasteland where vampires rule the surface and drow rule underneath, a world were steam giants roam the land piloted by goblins in search of fauna and flora and its greatest city is overrun by a race of half-constructs, the Nu-Meh. This is Mirror Mirror.

Races – Coming soon

  • The Nu-Meh – Coming soon

Timeline –  Coming soon

The Worlds – Coming Soon


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