Who’s A.R.M.R?


Your friendly neighborhood game master, ARMR is here!(pronounced armor). I’ve been playing table top role playing games for close to ten years now; I love playing the hobby and I have an immense passion for designing for it. In this pages you’ll see many of the variant rules, monsters, classes, settings etc. that I have designed in the past, am currently designing, and will design!

I am currently working on various base classes compatible with the Pathfinder RPG, a campaign setting, my own game system and a myriad of monster (can never have too many of those).

I update regularly, so…

Please enjoy my creations, share with friends, leave constructive feedback and remember that as a freelance game designer, I’m open for almost any RPG design job, need a monster? I can create it! Need a new class? I can design it!

The things I design are top notch! Guaranteed to put a smile of joy, or a frown of dread in your player’s faces!

Hello fellow players, if you like my material and would like to donate any amount, I have a Patreon page, any amount will help out and there are many different rewards for my patrons!


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