Webshow Announcement: 4/4/15

Greetings to all! This short announcement is just to let everyone know that I closed my Youtube channel and opened up a new one, where I will be uploading all my previous videos and those to come.

Why would I do that you might ask?

Simple, this new channel will be connected to my freelancing account. Sort of a putting all my eggs in the same basket sort of deal (it’s Easter, get it!?). This way I’ll be able to keep in touch with all my fans and freelancing buddies.

Moreover, I have actually decided to do the professional thing and buy music for my videos. It’s a very epic sounding tune. For those wanting to know, head over to http://www.machinimasound.com and check all their amazing tunes!

Well, I gotta head out and start fixing my old videos and uploading them.

Remember rule #1: Always have fun!



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