A story in a saloon.

“This place’ll do.” Remarked the hat wearing knight to his squire, as he tied his horse next to a small saloon. “Let’s take a breather and some grog while we’re at it.”

Years sat upon this valiant knight’s face, the tip of his ears bent slightly under his dusty hat giving away to his elven heritage. Clad in the heaviest of armors, he walked into the saloon. Next to him a young human carried his shield and trident, eager to experience his knight’s stories and his first drink to accompany it.

“So Ker’Ys, is it? Isn’t that one of them fancy families?” Asked the eager squire as they made their way to the bar. “I’d reckon you’d be living a fancy life with yer family.”

“Don’t take me for a chuck-line rider, I’ve never been one.” Retorted the weary knight as he sat on a bar stool. “Some maticore’s milk for the gunsel, and some straight grog for myself.”

The bar keeper swiftly poured the duo their drinks, and after one long gulp, the story began.

“See here, I might have been born Athos Ker’Ys, but that don’t mean much when you’re not a pure blooded, at least not to the whole family. I’ve always had a good relationship with the folks, just no good blood or magical abilities to carry on the family name. So I was given a share of the family’s wealth, small one mind you, and sent on my way. So after adventuring for a couple of years I found myself in Goldenpass, met Johanna, married, had a child and spend the rest of my life there… That of course was until I retired.”

“You where the captain of the town guard right?” Inquired the squire as he took another sip of his drink.

“Sheriff.  Yes, I was the sheriff of the town for about thirteen years. Retired few months ago, was growing some fierce cabin fever back at the ranch afterwards. Since Aulis moved out to begin his career as a traveling minstrel the town wasn’t the same, and with Johanna’s passing, I’d reckon my time in Goldenpass was at an end. The current sheriff didn’t want me traveling by myself, that’s why I’m stuck with you now; he didn’t want me all alone in the big world.”

“Always happy to be of service ser!”

“Glad to have you here… After working in the guard for so long I’d forgotten what it was to be alone. Hells, even before that, while I was adventuring, I always had a variety of folk with me; Pothello “the wise” damned human could turn into a giant hawk, now that was a sight to see; Kulmnavash “the wicked”, there was a dwarf you’d never want to turn your back on, that great maul he always carried was something scary; Laureliel “the worldly” could convince the most stubborn old man to part with his most prized possession; and Josephine “the wild”, she was an odd one, always said she was a wizard, but we never believed her, she could cook better that the greatest chefs of the kingdom though.”

“What about you? Did you have a title?”

“Athos “the wanderer”, heh… I’ve never been one to be in a single place for too long.”

“What about that “Z” on the chest piece of your armor? I though your title began with a “Z” because of it.”

“Not at all, this is the emblem all Knight of the Zephyr wear, the king’s guard. See, even though the Knights of the Zephyr are the king’s right hand men, they travel across the kingdom, training guards from small towns, you know, to make sure they can hold by themselves, those that demonstrate to be a cut above the rest are inducted into the Knights of the Zephyr. Mind you, I’ve never been to the capital, much less spoken or been in the presence of Regent Lord John of Gaunt.“

“Must have been fun being the sheriff of the whole town though.”

“It’s not always cracked up to what people think. I had my share of scuffles with the men of the guard. Even lost a wolf’s head once; Gadianton “the axe musketeer” Kishkumen, I captured him alongside some of my men, but I’d be damned if the bastard didn’t escape somehow. It was probably one of my own.”

“Ye thinkin’ we might capture him?”

“I’d be searching for elephants over the hill. Unless I’d find something that could lead me directly to him. Alright, that’s enough banter outta me. Rosinjaw, gather our things, time to burn the breeze.” So finishes Athos, as he places a golden coin on the counter, stands up and leaves the saloon; alongside him, his squire, Rosinjaw.


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