Character Backstory: Anjo Divino

“You know; they say that a sun rain means misfortune right?”

“No, please, may I have another? I love the taste of blood in my mouth…”

“No teeth? But then how will you ever question me, sir!?”

“I do not know! What do you want to call me?”

“Po-point taken… Anjo Divino, six foot six an-“

“Oh, of course; Lord Desecrate, two paladin trainees under me.”

“Yes. Dead obviously!”

“How do you think I got that nickname?”

“No license. Neither me; nor them.”

“Why should I care?”

“Helena… An elven paladin killed her.”

“Blue flames still burned her corpse when I found her.”

“She did not go down without a fight. She had some of his blood on her, that is how I know…”

“Of course not. I cannot kill that many. I will stop once I find whoever killed Helena.”

“She was a necromancer, which is why he killed her.”

“Does it matter? Evil can love, good can hate!”

“I am calm…”

“Sir Sanctus.”

“Of course you have not. He has been dead for eons.”

“My wife… She conjured his spirit, now he lives in my dreams, guiding me…”

“Is it? Release my bonds and let us see…”

“Seems the carriage has gotten stuck… Mud perhaps?”

“You would be wise to stay with me and make sure I stay put…”

“And they were right. I made it easy for all of you.”

“I needed a place to spend the night, and some way to travel.”

“Oh please, do not stand on my behalf, the wound will get worse, trust me.”

“Oh, not at all, you will live, and you will go back to the academy and tell them all to leave me alone, I have no qualms with the lot of you, just whoever it was that killed Helena.”

“I heard Lady Harsh is around these parts… She is the key to my goal.”

“Off you go doctor Khyresht, godspeed.”

“I am well rested, and eager to continue my errant journey.”


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