Arcana Unbound Project: Introduction

If you have never played Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved, let me tell you a little bit about it. It’s basically a variant rulebook for D&D 3.0 and 3.5, with its own classes and setting. An excellent book!

However, as time moves on, newer games are released and now a day, one of my favorite TTRPGs is Paizo’s Pathfinder. So I was wondering how a conversion to Pathfinder would look, therefor I made one.

First of all, Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved is a high power game; characters can reach all the way to level 25, thus I condensed all classes to level 20, retaining (I believe) the integrity of each class. Races can take racial levels and evolved levels; I modified the races, giving them most of their racial level abilities.

The classes were given appropriate Hit Die, depending on their Base Attack Bonus (as recommended in the Pathfinder conversion guide) and a higher skill point count per level, because Arcana Evolve has more skills than normal.

The feats were left unchanged, since I’m going off the premise that if you’re playing Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved you’re not using (or allowing, if you’re the Dungeon Master), feats from other sources.

Following this post, you’ll see the various classes and races, because of copyright reasons (I think), I just posted the class tables with its abilities. To be able to understand this conversion properly, a copy of Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved is required.

Hello fellow players, if you like my material and would like to donate any amount, I have a Patreon page, any amount will help out and there are many different rewards for my patrons!

Remember to check out my Youtube Channel where I review Table Top RPGs, showcase my designs and do a couple of other stuff.


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