Character Backstory: Nocte Lux

(A backstory I wrote in case i ever get to play Anima: Beyond Fantasy)

Born and raised in “Estigia”, Nocte Lux was given to the “Asim Bomani” to be a guardian of “The Halls of Kings”. Little did anyone know, Nocte Lux was an “Ebudan Nephilim” with a soul inclined to the dark energy, save for his mentor, a pure blooded “Jayan” warlock by the name of Jashunhotep.

It was Jashunhotep who realized that Nocte Lux had the potential to become a great warlock and thus he sought to train him from a young age in the mystic and martial arts. Of course being naturally compatible with the magical path of darkness, when he came of age, Nocte Lux served as a very successful night guard in “The Halls of Kings”.

Alas, the more years passed, more Nocte Lux felt the calling of a higher power. It was his “Sue’ Aman” inclining him to move from “The Halls of Kings” to fulfill his destiny. Jashunhotep had noticed his pupil’s longing to see the outside world, being of an advanced age and always longing to move away from that confining place, Jashunhotep could relate to his young pupil.

One fateful night, Jashunhotep had left his quarters and found Nocte Lux, but not before taking from one of the many armories a long rapier with which Jashunhotep was very familiar with, a long rapier known as “The Spear of Gaira”. To help him increase his ability to control magic tied to the path of darkness, Jashunhotep gave “The Spear of Gaira” to Nocte Lux. Following this, Jashunhotep explained to Nocte Lux that he could get him out of “The Halls of Kings” but that he would be a wanted man and hunted; he must run away from the lands of “Al-Enneth”, seek refuge in a different principality and to always keep the brand in his forehead covered. Knowing that his old mentor was sacrificing himself for him, Nocte Lux, with a deep sigh agreed to be teleported out of “The Halls of Kings” to the West, to the principality of “Kushistan”. From there, he was to travel further West to the Principality of “Lucrecio” where he would start a new life. Shortly after, Jashunhotep was found out and prevented from teleporting away, Jashunhotep did not survive the night, he committed suicide so the other “Asim Bomani” could not extract the information of where he teleported Nocte Lux and “The Spear of Gaira” to.

“The Spear of Gaira” is a five foot long rapier that seems to be made of obsidian crystal with a hilt made of crimson metal. In reality, “The Spear of Gaira” was fashioned out of the “Eye of Gaira” of “Svalkistalazar, The Last Judgement”. This long rapier increases the wielder’s ability to control the magical energies attuned to the path of darkness, it enhances their senses, and “The Spear of Gaira” is also able to harm any kind of creature, even ones of an immaterial nature or one with immunity to mundane attacks, as well as being able to directly affect the spirit of anyone it harms, preventing natural healing.

Nevertheless a man hunt was started in “Estigia” that in a few weeks covered the lands of “Al-Enneth”, big sums of gold were offered for the capture or any information that could lead to the capture of Nocte Lux.

Nocte Lux had become an outlaw, but was able to make his way to the principality of “Lucrecio”, he joined a wagon of traveling merchants who took him in, since he told them that he could serve as their body guard for a time and that all he requested was to travel in their company. A month passed and Nocte Lux made it to the city of “Du’Lucart”, there he parted ways with the merchants, not before the merchants thanked him for his service with some “crowns” and rations.

During his adventure in “Du’Lucart”, Nocte Lux noticed on a wall in the street a flier that had information about a tournament called the “Tao Zan” that was going to be held in the capital of the principality of “Abel”, “Archangel” and the victor of this tournament could ask for anything from the Empress of “Abel”. Nocte Lux decided to find a way to get to “Archangel” quickly, since the tournament was to be held in a month’s time and it was only held once every three years. A few days after making his decision of participating in the “Tao Zan”, Nocte Lux’s luck favored him, while he was walking through “The Palace of Commerce” a shop was attacked by a gang of thieves, Nocte Lux swiftly dealt with the thieves, being very grateful, the owner of the shop offered Nocte Lux a large sum of “crowns”, which he quickly accepted and paid the fare to get on one of “Du’Lucart’s” airships and flew to Archangel.

Forty-eight hours later he reached “Archangel”, having decided that if he were to win the “Tao Zan” he would ask for the Empress to make him a citizen of “Abel” so that he could be out of the reach of “Estigia” and its assassins. Little did Nocte Lux know that he was soon to fulfill his “Sue’ Aman”…

Nocte Lux is destined to plunge “The Spear of Gaira” into the heart of a man who was prophesied to become the next incarnation of the “Gaira Dragon”, “Svalkistalazar, The Last Judgement”. That man is participating in the “Tao Zan” tournament. Needless to say, if Nocte Lux completes his “Sue’ Aman” he could send the “Holy Empire of Able” into devastation, turmoil and perhaps total obliteration…


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