D20 Pantheon: Catholic gods, saints and demons.

Disclaimer! This is a work of fiction, I have nothing against the Catholic church, this is just something I prepared for a Pathfinder game I’m planning on running soon and wished to share. With that said, enjoy!

Holy Trinity AL Domains Favored Weapon
The Father LG Fire, Good, Law, Sun, Weather Greatsword
The Son NG Community, Glory, Good, Healing, Knowledge Unarmed Strike
The Holy Ghost CG Good, Liberation, Magic, Protection, Repose Hand Crossbow
Anthony of Padua LG Charm, Healing, Knowledge, Nobility, Rune Warhammer
Francis of Assisi NG Air, Animal, Earth, Plant, Water Rapier
George CG Destruction, Nobility, Protection, Strength, War Lance
John the Baptist LG Charm, Community, Glory, Law, Water Trident
Mary Magdelene NG Good, Liberation, Luck, Plant, Travel Shortbow
Mary the Blessed Virgin LG Glory, Good, Healing, Magic, Sun Star Knife
Paul CG Knowledge, Nobility, Protection, Travel Longsword
Peter NG Earth, Repose, Rune, Travel, Water Net
Valentine CG Animal, Artifice, Charm, Liberation, Plant Greatclub
The Baal
Lucifer the Satan LE Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Magic Ranseur
Cain CE Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Rune Longbow
Judas NE Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, Travel, Trickery Lasso
Herod the Great CE Artifice, Chaos, Death, Evil, Madness Flail
Brutus & Cassius NE Evil, Death, Nobility, Strength, War Shortsword
Jezebel LE Animal, Charm, Evil, Luck, Madness Whip

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