Welcome to ARMR Studios

Check out ARMR Studios 2015 Compendium!

With classes, archetypes, magic items, monsters, a new race, and even more!

The product contains over 50 pages worth of content!

ARMRComp2015 Cover

Welcome players! ARMR Studios is a 3pp for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. In Addition we design our own Table Top RPGs, have a YouTube channel where we review TTRPGs, play roleplaying video games, and talk about TTRPGs.

Make sure to check the menu to the left to browse all the rules, monsters, items, base classes, and other things designed in ARMR Studios.

Remember to check out Windterra Yarn for handmade dice bags!

Check out any of these pages to get any of ARMR Studios’ PDFs


Download in DriveThru RPG for free (pay what you want to support ARMR Studios even more!)


Download in the Paizo store for free. Learn more about the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game at paizo.com


Download in the D20PFSRD Store for free!


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